What is the focus of science?

99% of the ocean floor is unexplored.
99.99% of the ouster space is unexplored.
90% of the human brain is unexplored.
And what are we doing?  Inventing flushable toilet paper cardboard rolls.
—source unknown to me

What is science, really?  What are we here searching for and what can be found?  My favorite site IFLScience.com has some interesting articles but that does not strike me as pure science.  What is it then?

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Science in the elevator

Him: My biggest problem now, something I have been struggling with for weeks, I just can’t get anything done while this continues.
Her: Oh, my, so is it pretty serious?
Him: I just can’t deal with anything and I’m loosing sleep…
Her: How bad is it, really?
Him: They just won’t uptake cobalt. They just won’t. And it’s been weeks, you know.
Her: Yeah, I hear ya.
—overheard in the elevator just now.

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