Sciengcafe interviews Dr. Vandana Miller

My coworker and a colleague, Dr. Vandana Miller, was recently interviewed by Science and Engineering Cafe (Sciengcafe), managed by Dr. Daphne Pappas, another colleague and a long-time friend.  So long that I think I can recall singing songs together or something like that at a conference somewhere in the woods while I was still an MS student without a clue what I want to do within this field.  Dr. Miller talks about the emerging field of Plasma Medicine and the input/influence we may have on the development on the novel medically-relevant therapeutic devices.

In the interview, Dr. Miller mentions:

Plasma Medicine emerged from the marriage between atmospheric pressure plasmas and polymer science. It is an interdisciplinary field that requires creative efforts from physicists, chemists, engineers, biologists and clinicians to study the interactions between two highly complex systems: plasma and biological systems. We need more innovative ideas, more investigative exploration from scientists in the physical and biomedical fields and the participation of entrepreneurs to take us from the laboratory to the patient.—Dr. Vandana Miller

It is interesting to me how the stories about the early developments of an emergent field are interpreted by the people learning this history. If memory serves me right, this wonderful photo by Ricardo Barros was on the cover of our first International Conference on Plasma Medicine:

Photo by, fingers by Dr. David Staack, and face by Dr. Jacqueline Yim [glow brought to you by the excited helium atoms ionizing nitrogen molecules].
It’s a good kick for me that the tinkering in the lab that leads to global developments is remembered; just puts a smile on my face that the reality as I have witnessed it is far different than what scientists “remember” it to be at this point.  I now strive to move to new endeavors in Plasma Medicine and in related fields of new bioengineering technologies; but the Kodak project and those who have helped me (over a good and proper pint of beer) I will remember forever.

I completely agree with Vandana on the need for further innovation—we are very far from taking this plane off the ground or even running the turbines smoothly.  We’ll get there, I am sure; but we need to work very hard to do it.


Read: full interview on Sciengcafe.